Park Design

American Veterans Park’s unique design sets it apart from all the rest.

The mission to honor God, country, and veterans and their families, is reflected in the cross design displayed in the foundation.  Located in each arm of this cross are features focused on either God, country, or veterans and families.  The 3-column spire in the center also represents these three elements.

At the entrance of the park, visitors are saluted by Army and Marine service members.

Each branch of the military is represented in the tablets lined at the entrance, the branch flags, and the folded flag memorials.  Recognition of our POW’s is displayed alongside the Branch of Service tablets.

Unlike some veteran memorials, American Veterans Park does not highlight specific military conflicts.  The goal for this park is to honor ALL who served; during times of war and times of peace.

The folded flag memorials at the east end of the park honor those veterans who are no longer with us as well as those who love and miss them.

Honor Walls situated around the center feature proudly display memorial tiles naming veterans who served.  Each tile includes a picture of the veteran, the branch in which the veteran served, the dates served, and special awards or medals the veteran was awarded during service.  Donors from across the United States have purchased these tiles for their loved ones.  A tile directory is provided so that visitors can look up the location of a tile honoring a specific individual.

At night, red, white, and blue lights illuminate the 3-tired spires in the center of the park.  This feature has been named a favorite by many park visitors.

American Veterans Park is a unique and beautiful presentation of honor and respect for God, Country, Veterans and their families.

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